Not so grublicious@Grubnomic, Koramangala

Come weekends, and we start looking for new restaurants/cafes. Grubnomic sounded interesting and we headed here for dinner on Saturday.

It was lovely outside, thanks to the rains and cool breeze. This place is located opposite to Onesta, which is next on my to-visit list 🙂

The place was almost empty when we reached. We were contemplating where to sit, when the owner came and insisted we sit on the terrace since it was quite nice there. So we went there, and I got super excited to see a big unoccupied swing 😀 Despite protests from my husband that it’d be uncomfortable  to eat on the swing etc, I sat on it and immediately realized he was right 😛 So, we moved to another table near the edge.

The place is in dire need of renovation. The walls need to be painted and it would look better with some more lighting.

Anyway, we placed an order for corn cheese balls(don’t remember the exact name) and iced americano. This place has a very basic issue, none of the servers are stationed on/near the terrace, so it’s difficult if you need something.

Corn cheese balls didn’t have any visible corn, but were tasty. Iced americano was also decent.

We had to wait for a while to place an order for main course, since there were no servers around. Eventually we asked for a “green with envy sandwich” and “django’s(chicken)”. Given the yummy descriptions, we both were looking forward to our orders. We eventually started getting annoyed, because it was taking long. And there are times when you look at your plate and regret ordering it. This was once such instance. Sandwich had an overpowering taste of garlic and basil, and mind you, we both love basil. Django’s turned out to be a downer too. The sauce was just blah. Sorry, but I don’t have any other words to describe it. Chicken was very chewy and had no taste.

This place has so much potential, they just need to work a little bit on service and taste.

Not going back anytime soon.

Grubnomic Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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