Health food at Hwealth cafe, HSR

This was the second time in the same weekend, that we were trying out health food places, and this place looked appealing after reading mostly positive reviews on zomato.
Reached around 9, and had to take a table outside on the porch since all the other tables were occupied/reserved. The restaurant looked like a fun place, with interesting veggie and fruit facts posted all around.
We decided to try some drinks and have rest of the food to go.

We ordered for fortified coconut nectar and tomato & capsicum digestive booster blend. We both wanted to try out sandwiches, but our server told us they were out of bread(really? on a sunday night?) So we settled upon tangy grilled chicken & sesame salad with honey mustard dressing, a spicy chickpea burger and hummus & farm.
Their service was very slow and for a moment we thought our server had forgotten about our order, since we were sitting outside. Out of sight and out of mind!

Our drinks finally arrived after a while. Coconut nectar tasted nice with honey and a hint of ginger. I would have loved it more, had it been chilled. I wasn’t expecting tomato and capsicum juice to be tasty, but was surprised at how good it tasted! And it did help my stomach 🙂

The food again took a lot of time to arrive, but when it did, it was neatly packed and placed in a beautiful paper bag.


Sadly, taste-wise none of it was good. Chickpea burger tasted somewhat bitter. I’m not sure why boiled chickpeas would taste that way.


I didn’t like the chicken salad either, honey mustard dressing was missing. It consisted of a layer of chewy sesame chicken and heaps of shredded cabbage and carrot without any dressing(and didn’t taste very fresh and crunchy). Definitely not my kind of salad.

The only savior was hummus, which tasted okay(have tasted much better ones).


Won’t recommend the food, but a must visit for their tasty detox juices.

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One thought on “Health food at Hwealth cafe, HSR

  1. Ramkumar Nagaraj May 28, 2016 / 23:17

    I have been to their other cafe at koramnangala and like the place


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