Smoke House Deli, Lavelle Road

This is definitely one of the most beautiful eateries in the city. The moment we entered, I was blown away by the charming ambience. Everything looked simply perfect in white and a touch of black.

We were promptly seated and a server took our order for drinks and starters. We ordered for 2 sangrias (one white and one red), a green apple martini and market vegetable+black olive croquettes. Drinks arrived soon, and were delicious. Sangrias were one of the best I’ve tasted. They also gave a complimentary bread basket with flavored butters. Not very fresh, but who minds free food! 🙂

And then, we began our longest wait ever, for starters. After around 20 mins, we asked our server about the starter. He said 2 mins, and vanished. After another 15 mins we noticed him and enquired. He said it’s on the way and went off. After another 10 mins, we were exasperated and about to cancel the order, when he said he’s getting it soon and finally it arrived.
What arrived was definitely not what we had ordered. There were no olives and no vegetables in the croquettes. They were basic cheese balls, and the cheese had a curry like flavour.
Immediately after receiving the starters, we ordered for main course, grilled mushroom+peppered figs+brie, herbed balsamic smoked chiken and SHD fish&chips.

After a long wait of around 40 mins, and asking the server multiple times, our food finally arrived. The veg sandwich was basic mushroom and mozzarella sandwich. There were no figs and no brie. Chicken sandwich was also average (nothing that will take 40 mins of preparation time!).
The only good part was fish&chips. It was delicious. It tasted like a very desi version of batter fried fish, but nonetheless very tasty.

Another thing I observed is that despite having a service/back entrance, all the raw materials were being transported using the restaurant entrance. It was a weird sight, given how beautiful the place is.

Luckily we had a lot of time to kill that day, before catching our flight. I would probably not go back after this experience. Pity, there were so many exotic things on the menu I would have loved to try. Sigh!

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