Go Italia, Koramangala 4th Block

Came across this place on zomato while searching for Italian places.

I was expecting a different sort of ambience from what this place has. Anyway, we settled down and were served complimentary breads with garlic butter, both of which were delicious. They have a vast variety of italian dishes. We settled for rice & chicken croquettes, spinach delight pizza, and an iced tea.Now, usually one would think drinks and appetizers are served together, but evidently that was not the case here. I will come to the “case of missing drink” later.

The lady at the counter who doubles as receptionist/server got the croquettes, kept it at the table and said “HERE”. Okay, that should have been our first clue about the pathetic and rude service.
These people have written lengths about reducing the prices and not compromising on the food, on the first page of the menu. But 3 croquettes for appetizers? Seriously? Please charge a little more and serve a little more. Having said all that, I don’t deny that the croquettes were quite nice.

Then arrived our pizza. The same lady placed it on our table and said “HERE”. Ma’m, do you think you are doing the customers a favour or do you think we were eating for free?
Again, the pizza was quite delicious made with fresh ingredients, and lots of cheese and other toppings.
Now I’ll come back to the missing iced tea, that we had ordered more than half an hour back and was nowhere to be seen. There was another server roaming around, so we decided to ask him about it. He seemed confused and clueless, and said he’d come back. That sadly never happened.

We finished our pizza, asked for the check (which again took a lot of time and never arrived), and the missing iced tea finally appeared. We asked for a straw, and the server looked perplexed by our request.

We went to the counter, since the bill hadn’t arrived by then, told the same lady(who had taken our order and served at our table) that our iced tea came after we finished our meal. She mumbled something inaudible, printed our bill and said “OK I DIDN’T CHARGE YOU FOR THE ICED TEA”. Lady, you are not doing anyone a favour and you need to change your tone. I’m sure that’s the reason this place looked so empty despite the great food.

I wanted to go back to this place for the pizzas, but now I never will because of the horrible service.


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