Bathinda Junction, Koramangala 5th Block

We were looking for punjabi food over the weekend when we stumbled onto this place.

Very interesting and funny punjabi quotes all around, and I started thinking this place must be serving great food too. Was amused to see the “charpais” you usually see at the roadside dhabas.

We ordered for a naan,a kulcha,the quintessential dal makhni, shahi paneer for take away and a lassi. The prices are not high here.

The guy at the counter explained that the guy who makes rotis is on leave, so phulkas are not available. Funny, why can’t the chef who makes naans/kulchas make plain phulkas? 🙂

Lassi arrived quickly, but I think I got diabetes over the weekend after having it 😀

Food didn’t take long too. For some reason it was quite smelly and our car smelled of onions and gravy later. Both dal and paneer had tons of salt in them, which spoilt their taste terribly. Dhaba food surely doesn’t taste like this.

Don’t think we’ll ever go back for the fear of getting diabetes/high BP.


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