Habanero, Koramangala 5th Block

We had crossed this place so many times, but never visited since the place looked empty (and we gradually started thinking it’s probably not so good). And we were so wrong! Finally made it to habanero over the weekend, still skeptical about the half empty place.
The menu has quite a lot of choices for both food and drinks. Prices are not so high.

Ordered classic and watermelon margaritas, mini nachos and a veg platter. Both of us were wondering why the place was empty, when our drinks arrived.

We were amazed with the drinks. Yummy and a little on the stronger side, so you’d be pleasantly buzzed after 2 of them 🙂 Nachos were delicious, one of the best so far. Each of the items in veggie platter was yummy. The queso dip was mouthwatering, and fajitas were just perfect.

The only glitch was the salsa platter, which tasted burnt. But I would overlook that and definitely go back for more.

Note: Their kitchen closes around 10:15 (such a pity!), so be there early if you want to have dinner.


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