Little Italy, BTM

Disappointing! I have been to the Indiranagar outlet a few times, and loved it every time. But this one is substandard. I had already heard bad reviews of this outlet in my office, but still decided to give it a try. I called in to make a reservation, and for some reason the receptionist told me that restaurant is full, but he’d get us a table. When we reached, there were hardly 2-3 occupied tables. Wonder why he lied!

Upon asking a few questions about the brunch, the staff looked thoroughly confused. We still opted for the brunch buffet (which was a mistake).

Watermelon juice took ages to arrive, and when it finally did it tasted like watermelon flavored sugar syrup. Why would someone need to put so much of sugar in watermelon juice! They have loads of servers roaming around, but none of them seems interested in attending to customers.

Nachos were nice, bruschetta was good too. Rest of the appetizers were sadly not great. Soups were watery and tasteless, breads tasted stale, and I guess I can make better hummus at home.

Even after so many mishaps, we decided to try their sangrias, which was another mistake. We specifically asked for white wine, and what came was red wine sangria. When I asked why it was red and not white, the server said ‘Ma’m try this. If you don’t like it I’ll give you white wine’. What? Seriously? I finally figured out after asking us multiple questions, that all their sangrias are very sweet, and since I didn’t want something “very sweet”, he switched our wine. Strange, since the red wine sangria too was quite sweet!

For the main course they had lasagne which was good, mashed potatoes which were quite average, mini pizzas and pasta. The pasta guy behaved quite strangely initially and seemed reluctant to take our order, but eventually what was delivered turned out to be nice. Pizza was just okay.

Desserts were bad like pretty much everything else. Their choco bomb had gone cold and become chewy (in a really bad way). Mousses too were not so nice.

Another strange thing I noticed while paying, was that almost all the tables were given feedback forms except for ours. But anyway I have zomato and my blog! 🙂

This brunch was a total waste of money and I won’t recommend it to anyone. Should have gone to the other nice Italian places in Koramangala.


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