Barista, Koramangala 5th Block

I have always been very fond of barista (hazelnut frappe, smoked chicken sandwich, wicked brownie and dark temptation).

But my visits had almost stopped over the years, due to other lovely coffee places coming up here and there. So when I spotted this outlet, I was quite happy and we went here yesterday.

We placed our order for 2 coffees and a sandwich at 5:00.

Now one would wonder, how long does it take to prepare such an order in an almost empty cafe. 10 mins? Maybe 20 if the service is real slow? We waited for more than half an hour and asked one of the waiters, about our order. He zoned out for a few seconds and finally asked us what we had ordered, went to the counter and never came back.

In the meanwhile we found the person who had actually taken our order, and asked him about it. He mumbled something and went outside the cafe.

We were quite shocked by all this, and left the place. None of the waiters even bothered to ask why.


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