Brewsky, JP Nagar

Visited this place over the weekend (I kinda forced my hubby 🙂 since it had so many great reviews). I couldn’t get through to them on the phone, so we went without any reservation.

They had bar seating available, but the ones we got were extremely uncomfortable. We had almost decided to ditch the place and go somewhere, when one of the waiters got us another set of high chairs which were much better.

They have an extensive and quite interesting bar menu. We ordered a summeron, a beer and assorted bhajjis. The waiter had difficulty understanding what a summeron was, so I showed him the menu and pointed it out.

The pakoras were quite nice, and I wish I could say the same about our drinks. Summeron tasted like a fun drink gone bad. Beer was kind of flat. But as always, we decided not to give up and ordered another round of drinks and food. This time, my trusted long island, another beer and nachos. Nachos were good. Beer was average at best, and my long island was horrible. I couldn’t even finish it! I can’t believe a place like this could mess up a classic drink like this.

I’m never coming back here, and won’t recommend it as well. Bad music, bad drinks and ok food. The bartenders don’t look professional, they mess up even the signature drinks.

Maybe this place is good as an eating joint, but definitely not as a brewery.


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