Chokhi Dhani Royal, Domlur

This place had been on our list for a long time. So after having visited Rajdhani innumerable times, we decided to give this place a try.
There’s a prepaid token counter at the entrance. We opted for royal seating which was 550 per head incl of everything.

I was quite by the interiors. Very spacious and rustic. There was a magician showing funny tricks, a massage wala and some shops selling Rajasthani crafts. We went to the food counters straightaway 🙂 They had kadhi kachori, jaljeera, soup and jalebis. Kadi kachori was delicious and had lots of ghee.

Royal dining is on 2nd floor, which is nice decorated and the tables are spaced away from one another. There was a sitar player and a tabla player who were playing old hindi songs. We had to wait a little before food finally started arriving.

Each one of the dishes was delicious, special mention for melt-in-your-mouth palak paneer. Their food is extremely creamy and oily, so if you are keeping a check on your calories, do not visit this place 🙂

Will probably get some  of our guests here next time.


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