TGI Fridays, Bannerghatta Road

I used to be quite fond of the one on airport road, but sadly that place had a fire and was shut down. Finally after a long time, managed to come to this one.

Was sad to see that my favorite drinks were no more a part of the new menu 😦

We eventually ordered a margarita and a mojito and a mixed platter (forgot the actual name). Our drinks were terrible, margarita had too much of margarita mix in it (I think I can make better ones!) and mojito was too sweet and watery. Surprisingly, the appetizers were not as bad. The cajun chicken was really nice.

We asked the waiter if we could exchange our drinks for any other ones, to which he promptly said no. I was a little surprised, but anyway we told him the problems with the drinks (too tangy, too watery etc) and he said he’d fix it.

The second round was even worse and both drinks tasted more like sugar syrups.

I had such high hopes and was so excited to go back to my good old TGIF, but alas..Will I visit again? Definitely no..


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